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Mind ur Business therapy designs and delivers corporate employee well-being programmes intended to improve an organisation's response to the mental health of their employees. Whether your organisation has a mental well-being platform to build upon or has no current policy or procedure Mind ur business therapy can support by offering a holistic, bespoke approach for individual organisations' specific needs, objectives, goals, and budget. Collaborating with Mind ur Business therapy throughout the process to ensure a corporate well-being programme that has tangible business benefits, improves employee mental health and well-being and adds value to the reputation of the organisation whilst enhancing performance, productivity and profits. Mind ur Business therapy can offer a wide range of support, consultation, training, therapy, workshops, seminars and much more. Giving managers and business leaders a solid employee-centric approach that engages their employees in unconventional ways. Engaged employees show 21% greater productivity, and teams who score in the top 20% on engagement observe a 41% reduction in absenteeism, and 59% less turnover of staff.


      We all experience life crisis issues such as loss, bereavement, family difficulties, substance misuse, stress, anxiety, and depression; these life experiences preoccupy employee thinking and distract from work. When an employee feels that they must continue working without adequate support when they are not mentally well, they do not perform at their best. When an employee experiences poor mental health the impact will be increased absenteeism and low presentism, 1 in 6 people within the UK are suffering at work with symptoms of a mental health condition, can you afford not to support your employees?



The embrace of employee well-being and mental health engagement as strategic imperatives is a significant paradigm shift in the business world, one that will only grow stronger in the coming years. Evolved leaders will bring a spirit of innovation to their employee's mental health engagement and well-being initiatives, and give them the same energy and care as their core products and services. Employee mental engagement and well-being are about protecting your human capital, your most valuable asset. Organisations that ensure their employees flourish and thrive within an employee-centric philosophy will always be ahead of the curve.


Debunk the myths of an employee-centric organisation

Does it mean giving priority to employees over the organisation’s goals and objectives? NO

Does it mean sacrificing a performance cultureNO

Does it mean having a free canteen, pool table, break out areas and regular nights out? NO

Does it mean having the latest technology and a modern innovative environment in which to work? NO


An employee-centric organisation means a desire and a tangible framework that respects, supports and takes good care of employees, allowing each employee to be valued and viewed as important to the organisation’s success. Creating an open communication structure where employees feel they are being heard, understood, supported, and have an engaged mental health management team. Employee-centric organisations can not exist without a clear employee mental health well-being programme. This recognises that employee well-being and mental health is part of the culture and DNA, ultimately it is imperative to a thriving organisation. Culture is the DNA of an organisation there are many elements that incorporate culture, core values, mission, vision, ethics, and goals, if your employee’s mental well-being doesn’t feature in the culture of the organisation is it time to ask yourself why not?

Why Us....

Combining 20 years of Business Management experience, Psychotherapist qualifications, and insightful well-being knowledge, Mind ur Business therapy can offer something unique. We will consult, devise, deliver, implement, and evaluate your corporate well-being programme, ensuring we share best practices, business know-how and positive impact and rewards that come from our corporate well-being programme. We have the ability to equally consider both employees' and organisations' objectives, not dismissing or diminishing either aspect, but can confidently provide solutions that support both equally. We believe we have two clients; the employees of the business and the organisation as a peripheral client. Mind ur Business understands the world of business and can work alongside HR representatives, Trade unions, Health and safety practitioners and those working in the areas of people management and people development in order to promote an employee-centric organisation. Our unparalleled specialist viewpoint and integrative skillset, with a wide range of theories to support groups and individual employees on a broad range of issues, with a crucial understanding of the environment in which employees work. As well as offering a diverse range of well-being programmes, we offer multiple platforms on which to engage with employees; face-to-face, on-site, online, and off-site, in our fully accessible practice, with facilities designed to accommodate individuals, groups and training, making our offering distinctive in the marketplace. Danielle the founder and owner of Mind ur Business therapy, worked in a highly successful corporate environment for 20 years, at which point she had the desire to feel more fulfilled and embarked on a career in well-being. These two experiences give her an exceptional perspective.

“I probably don’t fit the ‘stereo type’ of a Psychotherapist and well-being practitioner; I still lead with a business brain; I see this as a key strength. I have a passion for improving well-being by engaging, and collaborating with organisations that are dedicated to change. I set up Mind ur Business  therapy to bridge the gap I experienced in my business life between employers and employee well-being and mental health engagement. I have a desire to empower employees and line managers alike, mental health is no longer a taboo subject and I want to help companies embrace a new way of thinking. I understand the reality of the challenges organisations face in terms of objectives, budget, productivity, targets, and culture. I am a realist, Rome was not built in a day, and for some organisations, the road is long and winding and for others, it is more straightforward, either way, I am up for the challenge. I am straight-talking, honest and open in my approach when working with individuals, clients, employees, and organisations, I strive to always be my authentic self. “


Danielle Clarkson, Mind ur Business Therapy Founder & Owner

Jeremy Fisher,

Anonymous corporate client

"We have worked with MIND ur Business on two occasions over the last few months, they provided us with a well-being consultant who helped us to write a well-being policy and programme. We knew we needed to make employees a priority but didn’t know where to start. MIND ur Business was able to start us on that journey, show us the offerings, costings and ultimately the benefits. This was invaluable in gaining support from the owners to invest. Our second occasion was to support us in a critical incident, they were able to provide onsite counsellors within 24 hours, and they were on hand to support all colleagues and family members of the employee, ensuring all felt supported and had an outlet to express the impact of the incident.”

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