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Counsellors have such varied qualifications; the market is unregulated so there are a lot of people advertising as counsellors, therapists and life coaches having done a substandard course or had no training at all! I understand that we (therapists) all become a bit of a blur and it can feel overwhelming, so an effective way to make a decision on who you think will work well with you in order to build up a strong therapeutic relationship is to look at previous clients’ testimonials. There’s no better way for a therapist to stand out from the crowd and promote what they do than through client feedback. Therefore, we always ask clients if they are happy to receive an online questionnaire, feedback is anonymous but we find lots of clients want us to know it's them that has completed the questionnaire. 

“I have had therapy in the past, so was a bit jaded by what I would gain from more counselling but I knew my negative thoughts had started to return. Danielle seemed to always be able to understand where I was coming from and gave what I said back to me in a way that made perfect sense to me. She was always focused on me and my issues, and always came across as a genuine person. Overall, I was very satisfied with the counselling I received and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Danielle to friends and family“                                                                         

 Sharon, Individual Adult Therapy 

Kat, Individual Adult Therapy 

“I came to a realisation in therapy that I had been abused in many different ways for most of my life, I was devasted, I cried, Danielle cried, she was with me every step of the way and for that I will always be so grateful. So pleased I choose someone so empathetic and genuine.”. 

100% satisfied

James, Relationship Therapy 

Anonymous, Individual Adult Therapy 

“Loved being able to book a session online as I’m not great on the phone plus I could pick a time and date that suited me without feeling like I had to try and fit around someone else’s schedule.  I'd never had therapy before so felt extremely nervous and wasn’t sure if I could tell someone else about the intrusive thoughts I was having.  Danielle put me at ease she was very smiley and incredibly friendly in the first session and after that, I never felt uneasy again which made it far easier to tell her what I was thinking and how I was acting. I’ve stopped counselling for now but I am going to have some more in the future and I will absolutely be booking Danielle”. 

Feel like I’ve said goodbye to a good friend, but one who was happy to challenge my beliefs.

Caitlin, Individual Adult Therapy 

Dominic, Individual Adult Therapy 

We started with one trigger and somehow, she mapped out my life where I was retriggered, again and again, I was amazed, she taught me so much. Thanks, Danielle.

The therapy was amazing and Danielle put me at ease straight away. I felt able to talk to her about everything and Danielle was able to understand and help me work on things.

I was sad it was our last session today but I will definitely be back in touch with her if I feel like I need it, Thank you Danielle

Anonymous, Individual Adult Therapy 

Anonymous, Individual Adult Therapy 

Therapy with Danielle has been nothing short of life-changing.

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